Buying New vs Used in Las Vegas, NV

Price Purchasing a new car will cost more up front than a comparable pre-owned model. Used vehicles are less expensive than buying new, which means that a model that would have been out of your budget may suddenly be in reach.
Life-span You will be able to drive your new car for as long as it lasts, which could be upwards of 20 years. A pre-loved vehicle may not last as long as a new model, but depending on mileage, model, or other factors, it may have plenty of life left.
Model Choice You can choose your perfect trim, color, and optional features when you buy new. Finding the exact perfect used vehicle is trickier, and may even require driving to Reno or Hendersonville.
Warranty New vehicles are typically covered by warranty, with optional extended coverage available. Depending on the age and model, your used vehicle may not be covered by a warranty. However, a certified pre-owned vehicle will often come with a warranty that will help you trust your new-to-you vehicle.
Shopping Options The model you want determines where you can make a purchase. Since almost all dealerships have some selection of used vehicles, if you aren't particular about the model year or trim you have the option to work with dealer you trust.
Total Cost of Ownership The right new vehicle can last for years to come, and the long lasting new vehicles will offer a low cost of ownership. Depending on the model you choose, a quality used vehicle can last 10 or more years, but overall lifespans for used vehicles will be shorter and total cost of ownership may climb as the vehicle ages,

Buying New vs. Used at Jim Marsh Chrysler Jeep

​When debating whether buying new or used is right for you? Check out the buying guide at Jim Marsh Chrysler Jeep and weigh the pros and cons for yourself! Whether you need a car for your commute or you're looking to invest in a vehicle for the next 20 years, our inventory of new and used vehicles in Las Vegas is sure to have the car for you. Plus, we have an inventory of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles which provide the best of both worlds. Give us a call to schedule a test drive today!